Posted by S.Ghiyasoddin Hosseini | Teacher: Dr.Zarei IELTS -I2 | 1392/05/19 09:01

The diagram above demonstrates the fabrication of a lead pencil.
At the outset, the seeds are planted and taken care of during four months in plant sales outlets or garden centers, and then they are replaced into soil. Three years after the replantation seeds have changed into thin trees. Once the trees are in the fourteenth year of their life, they are ready for the lead pencil production; hence they are chopped off to make wood blocks.
The achieved wood is then cut into slats and next treated for sixty days. After the treatment a particular kind of glue is spilled on a slat and the black leads are located on them. Afterwards a new slat is put on the adjusted one and forms a sandwich, which is heated and hard-pressed. Due to the occurrences in the previous sequence of the process two slats are combined as one part that will be cut into a number of pens that are then painted, sharpened, stamped and lastly wrapped before being purchased by costumers.