identical twins reunited after 45 years apart

Posted by Lida Doosti | Teacher: Ms. Golafshan ACC 13 | 1391/05/06 20:40

{in the name of god}

45 years ago identical twins born in los angeles.when the twins were 6 month old their parents divorced.mother tooke care of the boy and the father tooke care of the girl.when they grew up twins work in the same office & they didn,t know each othere.but the days and the weeks could not hidden mystary because their behavior,face and their last name were like each other.after 45 years they know every things but that was harden than to belive fot them.


1391/05/06 20:04
Name : Ali Baghban nekhad(student)
some incorrect words:took care no take care.and grow is present use grew.and MYSTERY no mistary!